Young Man Hammers Nails In Unique Shape To Create Eye-Catching String Art

String is a pretty powerful crafting tool. While some may think that it’s only good for sewing, there are actually plenty of cool crafts that you can make with it.

String can be used to create cute pom-poms, colorful graffiti, and even these cool Easter baskets, using a blown up balloon.

They can even be wrapped around nails to create awesome three-dimensional shapes!

These cool woven designs can be anything you desire, as long as you are able to make an outline out of what you want. You can make cute hearts, cool messages, and even a pretty design of your home state.

This is what one DIY-er decided to do with leftover materials found around the house. Determined to use only materials he didn’t have to buy, he made thecoolest homage to his home state of Nevada.

Check below to see the cool process leading to the stunning final result.

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This clever crafter created the coolest homage to Nevada using only stuff found around his house.

He first started arranging leftover scrap wood from other projects.

Once he got the ideal design, he cut all the little pieces into a perfect rectangle.

Next he stained the wood cool colors like blue, gray, and a rich brown.

The finished product almost looks like the landscape, viewed high in the sky!

Next the planks were glued on to two sturdy bases, using a lot of weights and clamps to get it super secure.

Once the beautiful background was complete, it was time to start on the string art.

First an outline was created using a couple of carpet tacks.

Then more tacks were added two inches apart so that the string could be wrapped around, forming the pattern.

All that was left to do is weave the string in between the tacks, creating the cool 3-D design!

Using simple items around the house, this crafter created the coolest little nod to his home but using the string-tack technique, you can create almost any shape you like!

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