Woman Transforms Rusty Old Roof Turbine Into An Adorable Pumpkin

Fall is fast approaching, and that means pumpkins galore!

As the weather cools, pumpkins will soon be outside of every house, and they’ll be carved, painted, and decorated in every way imaginable.

But another fun pumpkin craft is on the rise making your own out of other household wares!

We’ve seen some pretty cool makeshift pumpkin crafts, including these cool concrete ones that you can make using plastic trick-or-treat buckets.

But we’ve never seen a pumpkin transformation quite like Vicki Rogers’.

In order to find the perfect fall decoration, she took to her roof and took down a rusty roof turbine.

Some may never ever think of using these as a fall craft or any craft for that matter but it actually resembles a round little pumpkin perfectly!

All that was needed by way of decorating was some cool paint colors and a little stem, and the perfect industrial-chic pumpkin was born.

Check below to see more pictures of this ingenious transformation it’ll definitely have you running up to your roof.

Autumn is almost here, and that means that pumpkins will soon be everywhere.

There are plenty of awesome ways to decorate pumpkins for the fall season, but if you don’t have one handy, you can also make your own out of household items! Crafters have found plenty of ways to transform housewares into fall’s favorite festive vegetable.

Vicki Rogers even made one out of a roof turbine!

Their shape definitely mirrors that of a pumpkin; all that’s needed is a little color and imagination.

Once the extra hardware was removed,Vicki was left with perfectly round, pumpkin-esque turbine shells.

After a hole was drilled in the top of the shapes, she spray-painted them a pretty autumn brown and highlighted them with cool metallic colors.

Then she used craft leaves, wired jute, and sticks from her yard to make the stems.

The finished product is completely unbelievable they really look like pumpkins!

These cool crafts would make for a great front porch decoration, or a cool, industrial table decoration.

When you look closely at everything around your house and yard, there are plenty of things that can be fiddled with to make great fall crafts.

These pumpkins will definitely make a splash in the coming months and people will flip when they find out what they’re made of!

For those looking to add even more fall flair, a few strands of fake autumn leaves can add a colorful touch to the roof turbine pumpkins.

But roof turbines don’t just stop at simple pumpkins.

With a few more embellishments, they can become gorgeous pumpkin carriages, taken straight from the pages of Cinderella.

Who knew something as common and industrial as a roof turbine could be transformed into the perfect seasonal decoration?

What do you think of these unique fall decorations? Would you put something like this on your porch, or do you prefer more traditional pumpkins?

Let us know in the comments below, and

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