Woman Knits Clothing Out Of Something Every Dog Owner Has Laying Around

Dog owners can be real fanatics when it comes to their furry friends.

I say that as someone completely obsessed with my own dog. I just love him so, so much. One of the most annoying parts about having a dog, however, is all the fur he leaves behind. It seems like I can’t go five minutes without having to sweep the floor yet again.

What if you could take all that pesky dog hair and make it into something beautiful? Jeannie Sanke is doing just that with Knit Your Dog, a company that takes dog fur and makes it into sweaters, ponchos, gloves, and more.

Chiengora, the practice of spinning dog fur into yarn to make clothing, is actually a very old practice in Arctic cultures. Now, Sanke is bringing this tradition to the rest of us.

Look at all that fur! She collects dogs’ undercoats, then puts it through an extensive cleaning process to get rid of the smell.

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Once it’s clean, she can spin the fur into yarn and begin working on a project. People whose beloved dogs have passed away often use this as a way to remain close to them.

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