With Just 2 Pieces Of Wood And A Hook, This Crafter Created An Awesome Bike Rack

If you live in a city or just a small apartment, finding room to store your stuff can become pretty tough.

Beds have storage under them, tables fold up, couches fold out…space comes at a premium. That’s why if you have a bike, it’s almost laughable to leave it on the floor. It takes up so much room! But most wall-mounted bike racks are not only ugly, they’re complicated, expensive, and jut out into your precious space, too.

Well, this nifty rack solves all those problems…plus, it’s insanely easy to make.

First, you’ll need two sanded-down pieces of wood. You can cut them into just about any shapes you’d like.

You can stain them or leave them as is.

Next, get a nice, heavy-duty bike hook. This one is only $5, so it won’t break your bank.

You can paint it if you’d like a different color — jewjitsu007 recommends priming first, though.

Next, measure where the hook will sit on one of your pieces of wood. This slat will be highest on your wall.

Reddit / jewjitsu007

Mount the top piece on your wall.

Test it to make sure it can hold the weight of your bike and measure where the back tire will sit.

Finally, attach the bottom piece where the back tire will hit.

There’s your DIY bike rack!

(source Reddit)

What a cheap and excellent way to save space in your home!

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