These Wild And Wacky Knitting Projects Will Revolutionize How You Craft

When I first learned to knit, it was a total disaster.

Like most first-time knitters, my initial project was full of lumps, bumps and dropped stitches. But with practice, I improved, moving on to simple socks, sweaters, and scarves some inspired by this delightfully speedy arm-knitting pattern.

That said, no matter how invested I got in my DIY projects. I was never really one to go too far outside the box. I rarely come up with my own patterns, and I usually stick to basics that I can wear or make for a loved one.

But now that Ive mastered more of the easy patterns, Im starting to take inspiration from some of the wackier knit and crocheted ideas out there. Artists armed with nothing but wool and needles make some pretty spectacular creations, from impressively teeny knit miniatures, all the way up to wildly colorful outdoor installations!

Scroll through the gallery below to see a few of the craziest things people have ever knitted number 8 cracked me up!

1. A Car Cozy


Forget covering your car up with a tarp; this knitted cozy makes much more of a statement! Though we imagine it’s not too practical on a rainy day.

2. A Bicycle


Turn your rusty ten-speed into a work of art with a rainbow of scrap yarn! That said, aspiring fiber artists should note that the wheels should probably be left alone.

3. An Entire Garden


Enmeshed in the fence of a baseball diamond in New York City, this pattern of paperwhites give the urban landscape a pop of color!

4. Part Of The Natural Landscape


We don’t think Mother Nature will mind this bit of editorializing. After all, this installation really makes the surrounding mountains pop!

5. Telephone Booth


Britain’s iconic red telephone boxes get a radical makeover. And the artist even left seams so you can still make a call. How thoughtful!

6. Tree Bark


Just about everyone likes to feel colorful and pretty, so why should trees get left out of the fun? Though we can’t imagine how the artists managed to get some of those extra-high branches!

7. The Local Bus


I think we can all agree that most public transitsystems could benefit from a cute and colorful makeover like this one!

8. A New Son


Professional knitter and hilarious momMarieke Voorsluijsmade a knitted version of her real-life teenage son. He got to an age where he was ‘too cool’ to hang with mom anymore, so she got the last laugh by making this goofy doppelganger!

9. Toadstools


A perfect project for adding a touch of whimsy to just about any environment. We especially love how these toadstools even come with a comfy bed of moss!

10. Breakfast


While we doubt it’s quite as tasty as the real thing, this cute handmade breakfast was certainly crafted with love!

11. Playgrounds


Artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam has created a vision of the playground that is worlds away from the dreary asphalt we’re used to. How amazing doesthis look?

12. An Itty-Bitty Sweater


Knitting normal-sized sweaters is challenging enough, so I can’t imagine the work that must have gone into creating this tiny, elaborate pattern!

13. ‘Taxidermy’ Wall Art


For those of us who respect this classic aesthetic but aren’t into real taxidermy, why not knit yourself an adorable, humane trophy for the wall?

14. A Park Bench


And when you just want to be one with nature, you can kick back, relax, and retreat to your very favorite park bench, the one totally smothered in wool and handmade appliqu flowers!

Do these totally out-there knitting projects have you itching to pick up your needles? Weigh in below, and let us know what your favorite project is in the comments. Don’t forget toSHARE on Facebook!

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