She Places An Empty Toilet Paper Roll On An Electric Mixer. The Result Is A Major Time Saver


Yarn is an incredible crafting material with so many versatile uses. There are a number of projects you can create with yarn, and they go well beyond crocheting and knitting.

But knitting is indeed the one practice that never goes out of style and has always remained a high function art. Incredible to think that it started back in the 11th century CE (at least), and we are still doing it today. Matter of fact knitting is very popular and has become increasingly trendy as of late. Maybe its a way to counter all the digital things going on in today’s world, as knitting is becoming a popular hands, physical activity that more and more young people are engaging in. Not only do you get to create, but you get to wear your creations.

Of course we are so use to living in the digital world, that our attention spans have dwindled. So when it comes time to do menial tasks required for the craft, it can feel tiresome. Well, there are hacks out there to get the job done a lot quicker, thus not losing your focus and aiding in your productivity.

This is one of those clever hacks that you will definitely want to learn to keep your knitting projects organized and efficient. Rolling up your yarn is a time consuming bore! So here’s the hack to greatly speed up the process. Very clever and fun, and its totally effective for keeping that yarn organized! Check this out!

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