Mom Sews 12 Bells Into Pants Suit, Then Launches Into Stunning Christmas Carol With Them

Mom Julie Sewell loves Christmas. A lot.

Her family thought she was a little nutty when she spent hours sewing handbells into a beige pantsuit in December 2016. But she didnt care, and did it anyway.

After she was done with the suit, she started teaching herself different different carols so she could perform for people, especially her family.

And when she performs for her daughter, she absolutely nails a rendition of Carol Of The Bells.

Julie starts out slowly by tapping a few bells on her chest one at a time. But then she picks up speed.

First its two bells, then three. And all of a sudden, its clear what song Julie is playing.

Her hands start whizzing all across her body in perfect rhythm to tap out Carol of the Bells. She even taps one on her head to get the tone right!

And Julies daughter can only sit there and laugh while the camera rolls. Even their dog gets in on the fun in the end.

‘Never knew it would get this big,’ a stunned Lauren wrote on Twitter. ‘My mom just likes to have fun.

And fun she did. Now everyone is talking about this Christmas-loving moms performance and Laura is proud to show her off.

She’s still awesome for being able to do it, she said.

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