Learn How To Make A Life-Saving Emergency Contact Tag For Little Ones Bookbags

Sending your kids off without you can be daunting for a parent, especially when they’re small (but let’s face it, it neverreally goes away), because there’s so much to worry about when you’re not with them.

And while an older kid will know what to do and who to call if something does go wrong, a small child might not be able to.

That’s why it’s important to make sure they gave access to their emergency contact information at all times. If it’s on them, then they or a caretaker can contact you easily and immediately. That way, you know they’ll have a resource in case of an emergency.

Kids of all ages have phones that can store this kind of information in a phone, it’s true. But it’s also true that phones can lose charge, break, or be stolen.

So while of course emergency contacts can and should be stored on phones, it’s also important to have an analogue backup, just in case.

And it’s really easy to make one yourself!


  • An index card or piece of cardstock about this size
  • Printed information about each child (name, age address, phone number, any allergies or medical requirements) to fit on card
  • Printed emergency contact number(s), also sized to fit on the card. These will go on the reverse.
  • Small, current photo of each child
  • clear contact paper
  • heavy duty duct tape (we used the decorative kind)
  • scissors
  • glue or gluestick
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • safety pin


  1. Type out all the information about each child small enough to fit on a business- or index-card-sized piece of card.
  2. Type out emergency contact information for each child, also similarly sized.
  3. Print out your information, as well as a small, current photo of each child.
  4. Carefully cut out the information and photos
  5. Glue the child’s photo and information on the front of the card, and the emergency contact information on the back.
  6. Seal the card between two layers of contact paper.
  7. Place pieces of duct tape around the edges of the card on both sides, leaving the information visible.
  8. Press the sticky sides of the tape together. Trim to make an even border. Leave a little extra on one side of the card, like a luggage tag. You can trim the sides on an angle, too.
  9. Punch a hole in the side with extra tape.
  10. Thread yarn through the hole, and attach to the inside of each child’s backpack using a safety pin.

Watch the video below to see how we made one, and make one for each of your children today! They can even pitch in and decorate their emergency contact cards for a personal touch.SHARE this DIY to make sure everyone’s kids stay safe!

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