If You Think You’ve Seen It All When It Comes To Tattoos, Check These Out

People who aren’t interested in tattoos probably don’t know that tattoo artists work in a multitude of styles that range from the telltale line work of American Traditional to the exaggerated animation of the New School. While each approach is typically restricted by stylistic guidelines, some artists are breaking the mold by experimenting with new methods.

One such body modifier is a Korean artist who goes by the name of Silo. By tweaking the water-and-ink technique used by artists specializing in Black and Grey work, she creates incredible tattoos that are reminiscent of watercolor paintings.

“I do a very light sketch at first and then go into detail,” Silo explained to Bored Panda.

Just as artists who work in the Black and Grey style tend to do, Silo mixes ink with water to create soft, fluid values.

The end result is something that looks more like a watercolor painting than a tattoo in the traditional sense.

“There are lots of stories around these tattoos,” Silo said. “People tell me what they want and I turn their stories into designs. I put my heart into even the smallest tattoos.”

While there’s always been a certain roughness associated with tattoos (and the people who get them), artists like Silo are working to turn that stereotype on its head. The line between tattoos and fine art is blurring more by the day.

To see more of Silo’s work, check the artist out here and on Instagram.

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