Holiday Tabletop Trees

Tis the season to be jolly!
And decorating with family and friends is one of the things that adds to the fun! Tabletop trees are absolutely perfect to make for the holidays. All you need to get going is a cone shape and some trinkets that you probably have lying around the house.

Lace doily tree

This is an easy one, but a very effective one to display during the winter season.

Stack your ornaments

You can create a tree by taking different sized ornaments and then stacking them on a knitting needle! An empty ribbon spool that you cover in paper can serve as your base. Add larger ornaments at the bottom, while going smaller and smaller until you get to the top. And once you are at the top, add your star!

Christmas Candy Tree

This is pretty unique and very festive to make for Christmas. Take those holiday mints and hot gun glue them onto a spiral shaped styrofoam cone. You can use other types of sweets as well.

Pom Pom Trim Tree

Take some pom pom trim and wrap it around a cone that is from card stock. Just wrap it until you get to the point where you started, then cut and glue into place. Keep going until it is all covered up!

Pasta Tree

Another food based design which is very fun to make. Take some green spinach penne pasta and arrange it around a cone. Hot glue them in place. Take some white spray paint and just dash some snow on your tree! You can use a star or bell to top your tree off with.

Coffee filter tree

These are great because most of us have plenty of coffee filters in the cupboards. You can actually create a pretty magnificent, yet simplistic little tabletop tree using coffee filters.

Junk tree holiday upcycle

Probably the funnest project of all of these is the junk tree project! This is where you get to recycle all of those random nick nack items you have lying around, and create a very cool folk art tree with them! Check this out:

Plastic spoon Christmas tree

Take plastic spoons, cut off the ends, then arrange them around a styrofoam cone, sticking them right in the cone. These end up looking like leaves! Once you get them arranged right, you can spray paint them off to finish.

Gold tassel tree

Here we use paper mache topiary trees. Take the tassel and wrap it above the base so the tassel dangles down. Then hot glue into place (once you return back to the spot you began). Continue to evenly cover the tree, usually leaving an inch or so in between layers.

Cutout petal tree

Take your paper mache cone and paint the bottom green. Take a hole puncher and cut out flower designs with whatever materials you like.

Burlap tree

Start with a cone tree and then interweave the burlap up the tree, fastening it with hot glue. For full instructions, visit here.

Coil tree

Take some coil, wrap it around a cone, and then remove it from the cone and you have a very unique looking holiday tree!

Magazine/newspaper angel tree

Take different sized square shapes by cutting them out of cardboard. Take five of those and trace magazine or newspaper clippings with them. The largest cardboard piece serves as the base, as you take a knitting needle and put it through. Then add the other pieces, stacking them on the needle. Top it off with a star and add a bow!

Ribbon tree

Take a 10 yard roll and cut 2 inch long ribbon strips from it. Now glue the pieces onto the styrofoam cone, going all the way around. Keep going around until leaving an inch in between, until you cover the entire cone!

Then fluff the edges of the ribbon to create a tree effect

And add some glitter toit for some extra sparkle.

Beaded yarn tree

For this tree idea you will want to wrap yarn around until its totally covered. Now thread yarn through a needle and keep wrapping, but now you can thread some beads in here and there as you continue to wrap!

Felt, pearls, satin and feathers – oh my!

These are some pretty amazing looking trees that not only work for the holidays but you can keep them going year round if you like.. For full instruction on how to make them, visithere.

Button tree

Heres a real fun one. Take some random buttons and pin them onto a styrofoam tree until covered. Really unique and fun looking!

As you can see there are many creative and unique ways you can make holiday trees! Dig up all those little trinkets and have some fun. These can be reused again the next year as well, plus they make a fun family project or even are great as gift ideas!

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