Couple Loves Their Dogs So Much, They Wear Matching Sweaters Made From Their Loose Fur

Beth and Brian Willis are a one-of-a-kind couple. Their Newcastle, England, home boasts two adorable dogs, a white Samoyed named Kara, and a Swedish Lapphund named Penny.

The Newcastle couple’s love foreach other and their dogs is that of parents and their human children.

It is nothing short of a love everlasting, which may be why Beth decided to do something unusual with her children’s superfluous shedding fur.

Beth is quite the fashionista and seamstress, which is probably howshe came up with such an out-of-the-ordinary concept to save her and her husband from the cold.

Sweaters. Matching sweaters.

She knitted twosweaters, one for her and the other for her husband, both made from fur brushed off their dogs.

Beth’s white cardiganwas created from loose strands of fur from their Samoyed, Kara.

Brian’s brown pullover was crafted from their Swedish Lapphund, Penny.

Beth isnot the first to turn a dog’s fur into yarn, but she certainly made a statement when she modeled her dog-derived fashion statement. Either way, Beth sure came up with one thrifty methodof keeping afamily warm in the frigid winter time.

Would you consider this style cute? Weird? Horrifying? Purchasable?

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