7 Non-Intimidating First Date Ideas That Wont Stress You Out

Every love story always starts off when the boy meets the girl right? The romance can either bloom or dwindle based on the connection on the first few dates. However, now were in the age of technology where its easy to skip the first date and go right into Netflix and chill. Have we lost the spark of romance as we advance in technology? Or did we forget the excitement of first dates?

Lets be honest, first dates can trigger anyones nerves. Lets talk about the typical dinner and movie date: What if you dont like the food? What if the conversation gets awkward, can you skip on the movie? Do we need to share popcorn? Yes, first dates can be scary- but it doesnt have to. Skip the dinner, skip the movie, here are some ideas to go on your first date instead.

1. Coffee Shop

Having coffee (or the beverage of your choice) can be a quick an easy date for anyone if you start to feel it going south. Most coffee shops are made to make you feel comfy with the option to sit out in the patio to enjoy the weather and (my favourite) people watch. If things go well, you both can easily take your beverage and go for a stroll. Or go separate ways.

2. Local Brewery

No, not your 11pm pub night but check out if any of your local brewery offer beer tours. Most tours last about 30-45 minutes and include samples. Learn a little about local crafted beer together and have fun while youre at it. We all know a little alcohol can take the edge off, especially on a first date.

3. Dog Parks

If you both have dogs, why not take your companion out for a walk together? It can take the edge off knowing youre not alone on your date. Besides its always nice to see your dates inner tenderness towards animals. It’ll always spark that “aww” moment.

4. Comedy Club

You can drink, dine, and laugh at some of the best comedians out there. With a laid back environment, you can easily check out dates and times of performances of your choice ahead of time. They say laughter is the shortest distance between two people, and if you can find yourself laughing with the person youre with on your first date, then that says a lot of where you two are heading right?

5. Frozen Yogurt

On a nice summer day, grabbing some ice cream and going for a stroll can help spark conversation between the two of you. Enjoy the scenery and each others company by getting to know each other more. Learn what they love, what they hate and how crazy they can get with the toppings on their ice cream.

6. Paint Night

If you guys are on the creative side but are too intimidated by joining art classes, Paint Nite is an easy way to release your inner Picasso. Local artists help guide you along with the rest of the group through the creation of acrylic painting. Check your local area to see if there are any events that host this and sign up! This is a great way to break the ice on the first date and you two can both bring something home to remember the night with.

7. Stargazing

Want to be more on the romantic side? Spike some hot chocolate, find a nice open field (or lawn) and stargaze with your date. You can easily look up some good stargazing spots in your local area if the school field doesnt work for you. You dont have to be an expert in looking up constellations but it can be fun to challenge each other and try to see the sky in the other persons eyes. You might get lucky and see a shooting star. Dont forget to make a wish!

They say chivalry is dead, but it doesnt have to be. We can bring it back in todays world by not hiding behind social media and subliminal text messages but by having the courage to go after what and whom you want.

Technology will always improve and the boy meets girl romance can still live on, if you let it.

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