12 Astrological Symbols That I Painted On Human Bodies

From November 2014 to May 2015 I sculpted, body painted and photographed 60 models–including myself– into the 12 symbols of the zodiac.I view this work as my way to examine the impact of astrology in a current world in a modern aesthetic, while maintaining the sensibilities, skills and stories of crucial works of art from thousands of years before me.

I spent anywhere between two to nine hours positioning and painting my models with non-toxic, water based body paint and airbrush paint. Once painting was complete, I had to meticulously reposition everyone to take the final photo.

Each painting I make only exists for a few spirited moments before the models are out of place and are on their way home on the subway, covered in paint, with only an image on a camera and a small amount of video footage to document what we created.

Leo in the making

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