10 Things You Can Do With A Crock-Pot That Dont Involve Food

Depending on how you look at it, a Crock-Pot (or slow cooker) is one of the most underrated and underutilized small appliances you have in your cabinets.

It comes out to play for special occasions that call for buffalo chicken dip, but otherwise doesn’t make a daily or even weekly appearance.

Of course, a Crock-Pot’s primary purpose is to slow cook things like delicious pulled pork or even homemade chicken noodle soup.

The truth is that there are endless things you can make in a Crock-Pot, including but not limited to things like pizza.

In fact, there are many uses for a Crock-Pot that don’t involve food at all. That’s right; that thing hiding in your cupboard is about to be your best friend for craft time, bed time, and pretty much all times.

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1. Make Homemade Candles


Instead of tossing old candles in the trash, you can easily use your Crock-Potto melt down the wax that you can use to make more candles!

You can also use your Crock-Pottomake candles from scratch without a mess,by filling the containers you will use with shredded waxand putting them directly in the slow cooker with some water.

2. Brew Potpourri


Making potpourri has never been so easy (or made your house smell as good) as when you make it with a Crock-Pot.

Brewing potpourri in your slow cooker is a sure way to make your house smell awesome, whether it’s for a holiday or just everyday. Place the petals or fruit peels (or whatever you so choose) in the Crock-Pot, cover them with water, and then turn on your Crock-Pot. The smells will begin to waft.

3. Dye Yarn and Fabric


Your Crock-Potis the perfect vessel to use for fabric and yarn-dyeing purposes. The slow cooker not only makes the process easier, but also way less messy!

Just mix your dye right in a lined Crock-Potand place yarn in to soak in the warm solution.

4. Create Play Dough


Making play-dough at home is almost more fun than actually playing with the dough itself. This remains true even when you use your slow cooker in the process!

You can dump your ingredients right into the Crock-Potand mix them up inside before turning up the heat, putting on the lid, and letting the dough thicken.

5. Make Soap


Making soap at homeis fun on a rainy day or any day for that matter. The only problem is that the curing processusually takes weeks.

Enter Crock-Potsoap! You can use your favorite cold process soap recipeto make some awesome soap in a fraction of the time. Mix all of the ingredients right in your slow cooker before covering and walking away.

6. Repurpose Crayons


There are countless ways torepurpose those old crayon stubs you were going to throw out. A super easy way to melt them down is in your Crock-Pot! Whether you’re making more crayons, or a totally different project, the Crock-Potwill come in seriously handy.

Some things you can make with old crayons are new crayons, candles, or even one-of-a-kind vases.

7. Strip Paint From Tools


Can’t get that yucky paint splatter off your brushes or tools? Crock-Potto the rescue!

This processcalls for a long, soapy soak in your Crock-Potto clean your tools and break the paint bond. Place the dirty brushes and tools into the warm solution and let your Crock-Potdo the rest of the work!

8. Create A Humidifier


You can skip the trip to the drug store the next time you need to say goodbye to dry air. Just fill up your Crock-Potwith water and let it come to a boil before removing the lid and unleashing the air-moistening steam it’s that easy.

9. Clean Jewelry


Has your jewelry seen better days? Give your valuables a second life with a simple processthat calls for the use of a Crock-Pot. What’s even better is that you probably won’t even need to leave your house for the ingredients: vinegar and salt (with a little hydrogen peroxide for tougher pieces)!

Mix things up and place the jewelry inside until your jewelry looks as good as new.

10. Freshen A Room


Combining baking soda and water, kept hot by your Crock-Pot, is a sure fire way to get rid of nasty household smells. Mix the powder with water and turn up the heat on your slow cooker. The baking soda-infused steam will neutralize every smell in its wake.

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